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Franchisee of Total Guide to Bristol

Let us know your name and a little bit about yourself.

I strive to be successful in all aspects I put my hands to. Originally from Wales and now based in Bristol I have an eagerness for success, and this not just by my own, but the development of others is the key of my individual success. With working within a franchise world for many Years it has developed me into really understanding the difficulty’s out there and has really helped inspire me to want to take on a franchise which I believe in and have seen the success of the results it can achieve.


What made you want to join the Total Guide to Family?

Working with Total Swindon and Bath has really encouraged me to take on a franchise. To be truthful when we used Total Guide many years ago it didn’t really work for us, however watching the brand grow and really get the results we are now seeing, shows its 100% a franchise we want to be involved with.

Why Bristol?


I have loved in Bristol for 6 years and still to this day we don’t know how much Bristol has going on. It is a great city with so much to do, but if we don’t know after 6 Years, then how will others.

What are you most looking forward to in your new venture?

We are looking forward to getting out there and meeting people, and really getting to know the community and also helping bring the community together. With our quarterly networking events I truly believe we can introduce people to others they wouldn’t have necessarily met in the past. Bringing people together is so important for the success of the community and venture


Are there any businesses in Bristol you’d particularly like to work with?

Having previously worked at Bristol Airport I would love to have them onboard, this not because of the size of the airport, but from knowledge of how much I know they follow a similar ethos of the community. Any attractions in Bristol again so we can get to know the area better ourselves and help others get a better understanding of a guide to Bristol. But its equally important to us to meet small to medium sized businesses to really help get their names out there with our support and achieve the best results possible together. Let’s talk Bristol Hippodrome, wouldn’t it be great to have on our own website of exactly what’s going on week in week out.


What skills do you have that you think will make Total Guide to Bristol a success?


The skills we have are from operating franchises. You have the model and you work with it. There is also a strong belief with Lukasz’s marketing side and Liam’s overall management of companies that we have been through the good of business and marketing and we have also seen the worst. We really like working on ROI’s and really seeing the result of what works and what doesn’t and we can speak to our clients on this and help with getting the right results.

What are your plans for the first year?

Our plan over the first year is to go out and meet as many people as possible. Although I will not be doing this full time, I will for sure be at every networking event we do and will come and meet our clients. Our overall plan is to be the number one go to place when you are looking for a Total Guide To Bristol.

How do you like to spend your time off?

Time is sometimes limited in business, but there’s nothing better after a hard week at work to go out for a few drinks, a meal or the theatre to de-stress and let your hair down. We also have 2 cocker spaniels. One is 8 weeks as we right this, but they are absolutely amazing, and really brings us together.

Where’s your favourite place to eat out in Bristol?

We will answer this with there are many places we love to eat in Bristol and I am sure this business will allow us to begin eating in many different places within Bristol.

Describe Bristol in 3 words...

Full of Opportunity


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