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Digital Marketing Brand ‘Total Guide To’ Expands its Services

Digital marketing and digital news brand Total Guide to has expanded its range of services, offering professional branding and social media services for start-ups and businesses ready to move forward out of the pandemic.

Total Guide to founder Liz Hutchings has been collaborating with Matt Hirst, Creative design and marking specialist behind the company H2, to help as many business owners survive and thrive as the country pulls slowly out of lockdown.

Total Guide to has platforms around the UK offering a community and news feel to companies eager to be seen and heard locally – or further afield. Currently, there are platforms covering Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Reading, Manchester and Poole with others coming onstream in due course.

Liz said: “Clients have regularly asked us over the years if we can provide them with design and social media services. We have held off as we have wanted to focus on building our strength and audiences around news, community and brand awareness. However our dream has always been to offer clients the all-round service they need. As we are coming out of lockdown now is the time to step up and offer something for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

After 10 years of working with H2 - the creators of the Total Guide to brand and website, we have consistently been more than impressed with their stunning design skills, attention to detail and customer service. So with businesses now getting ready to bounce-back, we felt there was no better time to join forces and make this happen."

Matt said: “I’m delighted that H2 and Total Guide to have joined forces once again to offer a brilliant new initiative for local businesses offering a professional design output with an exceptional level of service. I’m also hoping clients will see the relationship blossom through the revamp of the Total Guide to brand in preparation for the new ‘normal’.

I really can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since Liz and I first created Total Guide to. Wow! Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself!!

TGt is a franchise business established by Liz back in 2012 with its parent site in Swindon, Wiltshire and it also now has platforms in Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Reading and Manchester with more franchisees being considered for other cities and large towns nationwide. Liz is also a Qualified Franchise Professional and is experienced at operating ethically in the franchise world.

Liz said: “I believe that business owners need to pull together as we will be the engine of change and innovation over the coming months and years. There’s no better way to show this than by leading the way and we hope to take existing and new clients with us.”

Additionally business owners in the Total Guide to areas can now access a new low cost portal to share their news more widely and at their convenience here.

To find out more about the new professional design service click here.


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