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Entrepreneur Liz Hutchings gains prestigious Qualified Franchise Professional award

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Entrepreneur Liz Hutchings of the Total Guide To franchise has succeeded in gaining the prestigious Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) Award.

The woman behind the Total Guide to franchise which has digital community news platforms in Swindon, Bath, Bristol, Reading, Manchester and Poole has worked for months to be recognised as an expert in franchising.

“I’m so proud to have achieved this qualification and award. It’s been hard work, especially during lockdown. I put a lot of work on myself to finish and submit essays and finally having my knowledge tested in front of a panel. The course was a few years of attending 1 and 2 day courses (via zoom towards the end) and I used lockdown to knuckle down and complete the exams to be entered in to the final stage where I was interviewed by the expert panellist.

“Being a QFP is a real seal of approval in the franchise world. I’m looking forward to the next steps for Total Guide to, working with new franchisees. The knowledge and experience I have now is going to be useful to pass on to ensure their individual success.”

The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) is the formal recognition of professional knowledge and experience in franchising. It demonstrates an understanding of the complexities of, and best practice in, franchising.

Liz (37) said: "I started with a vision for creating a guide for every city or large town around the UK for the local community, businesses, tourists, charities and other organisations to engage. Creating an online community with useful local information, news, and events, a platform that’s financially sustainable which becomes part of the fabric of a local real world community.

"Total Guide to is about embracing the amazing opportunity presented by digital while not forgetting the importance of knowing each other in the real world. I can’t wait to bring our vision and digital marketing expertise across the UK through a franchise model to deliver our company ethos of Bringing Communities Together; Helping Businesses Thrive and Places Come Alive.”


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