Total Guide is a lot of things, but we’re definitely not web designers! The truth is, for a business to have a great looking, functional website you don’t need to spend thousands building something bespoke. There are some really good cloud-based web development programs out there, you just need to know how to use them. That’s where we come in!


Using a site called Wix, we’ve created websites for clients that are cheap to run and easy to update and maintain. We’ll have a consultation with you about what you need, we’ll build the template using Wix, then train your team to do the rest!


Content and Storyboard Meeting to Decide Sitemap

Meet with the client to discuss the look and feel, pages, features and content needs to be on the new site.


Create site homepage and navigation template

Work up a working draft of proposed new site including home page, navigation and most of the content (excl. past blog entries) Send links to client for approval


30-minute presentation to team previewing new site

Once approved present new site to client team that will be responsible for updating new site.


Full 90-minute training session with site contributors

Full training on how to use Wix to update website, add new features, manage blog etc.





* 30 day period for us to add more features, any extra features we're asked to add. After the 30 days will be chargeable Total Guide to link/logo to remain on site at all times.


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